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DSPPA | Paperless Conference System for China Meteorology in Jiangsu

DSPPA | Paperless Conference System for China Meteorology in Jiangsu

Abstract: DSPPA Paperless Conference System has been applied to China Meteorology in Xiangshui, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

Project Background

Xiangshui Weather Forewarning Center is responsible for meteorological monitoring, forecasting and public meteorological service management, as well as the release of public meteorological forecasts, disastrous weather warnings and other professional meteorological forecasts within the administrative region.

Realization Effect
To improve the work efficiency of the meteorology administration, DSPPA has designed a paperless conference system, playing an important role in daily conference and discussion.

In addition, the administration adopts our D6108 2K HD Seamless Hybrid Matrix System to realize audiovisual signal switching and multimedia conference, and applies our D6401 Central Control System to the emergency warning information release center for automatic conference control.

Product Highlights
D7600 Paperless Conference System

DSPPA Paperless Conference System is specially designed for modern multimedia conference. It can support such functions as sign-in, conference files sharing, voting, and discussion, in an attempt to realize paperless conference.

Project List

System Connection Diagram

As the paperless conference system has been put into use, it has facilitated the decision-making process of the administration and achieved an efficient conference with high flexibility and high confidentiality.

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