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DSPPA | Pro Sound Reinforcement System for Jiangmen Archive

DSPPA | Pro Sound Reinforcement System for Jiangmen Archive

Abstract: DSPPA Professional Sound Reinforcement System has been applied to Jiangmen Archive in Guangdong Province.

Project Background
Jiangmen Archive, located in municipal government building at No.2 West Avenue in Jiangmen, Guangdong province.

20921 volumes of public records and historical materials of Jiangmen are preserved there, consisting of two major parts: one is newspaper, and the other are documents, journals and literature, etc.

Realization Effect

To improve its work efficiency, DSPPA has developed a Professional Sound Reinforcement System for the agency, playing an important role in its facility upgrading.

This system includes Central Control System, 2K HD Matrix System and Sound System.

Central Control System

DSPPA Central Control System helps to achieve automatic conference control of this archive. With smart devices, it realizes environmental control (air conditioner, temperature, lights control), and projector control, volume adjustment, etc.

2K HD Matrix System

This matrix system can support the signal switch between video and audio, and support the output of the video signal source from camera, remote conference system, HDMI, meeting the needs of multi-media conference, video conference, lecture, etc.

Sound System

In the lecture hall, there are two 250W full-range speakers installed in the front of the hall and four more 150W speakers installed on both sides of seats, ensuring sufficient sound pressure and evenly distributed sound field.

System Diagram

This sound reinforcement system helps to achieve the function of meeting, lecture, presentation, video conference for Jiangmen Archive, applauded by this government agency.

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