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DSPPA| DSP9000 Network PA System for a Primary School

DSPPA| DSP9000 Network PA System for a Primary School

Abstract: DSP9000 Network PA System for school has been applied to Lianjiang 25th Primary School, ensuring the security of the campus.


Lianjiang 25th Primary School covers an area of 33.09 acres and has set six grades with 10 teaching classes for each grade. The school has 60 multimedia classrooms, over 40 multi-function classrooms, and 1 sports field with 250-meter circular plastic track. In response to the requirements of the primary school, we design a network public address system to cover the whole school.

In the broadcast control center, we adopt DSP9100 network broadcast intercom server, DSP9101 paging microphone and DSP6604N IP network wall mount speaker to realize zone management and control. In the campus radio station, a paging microphone and a desktop condenser microphone are equipped to achieve daily paging and notice broadcasting; and through the sub-control software, the terminal status can be controlled remotely.

Besides, multiple network wall mount speakers are installed in teaching buildings to play background music, timing chime, broadcast information and emergency notices.

Teaching Buildings



The completion of the primary school has played an important role in promoting the balanced development of basic education.

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