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Paperless Conference System for College Multimedia Conference Rooms

1. The traditional college multimedia conference room adopts the conference system


Every time a meeting is held, the staff needs to prepare to print the meeting materials and desktop card. The preparation process before the meeting is cumbersome, the workload is heavy and the ability to adapt to changes is lacking.

The venue ranking is managed manually, with poor mobility and low efficiency. Meeting check-in, voting, discussion, video, data services and other systems are independent of each other, and the scale is large and the integration is poor. The amount of files in the conference is large, and the distribution efficiency is not high. Participants need to operate multiple sets of equipment (audio, video, file operations, etc.) when participating in the conference, which increases the difficulty of using the system. The desktop layout of the participants is complex and the items are numerous and messy. The speech information is concentrated on the traditional large screen, which is difficult for those who are far away to view, and it is inconvenient for real-time interaction.

It is difficult to record the revision of materials during the meeting, and the discussion process cannot be saved. Poor communication between attendees and service staff. Post-meeting document management results in a huge waste of paper. Paper materials may lead to leaks, and security cannot be guaranteed. This poses a serious threat to high-end confidential meetings and may lead to heavy losses.

2. The advantages of using paperless conference system in colleges and universities

290c5ae1688e7383dc80f0b41f76ef2.jpgThe full digital operation of the paperless conference system is flexible. All electronic conference materials can be browsed and operated on the terminal, and the functions and authorization of the participants are clearly defined. After setting the ranking information on the server side, it is directly updated to each terminal without manual intervention.


The paperless terminal integrates various conference service functions, and one terminal can meet the various needs of participants. Participants only operate the paperless terminal, and the touch screen operation is simple, flexible and convenient. The desktop is neat and orderly, beautiful and generous. Participants can operate personal terminals, adjust the best viewing angle, and no longer worry about distance.

The filing method can be freely selected, and the key points of the meeting documents discussed are marked, which is convenient for sorting and archiving after the meeting. Conference calls can be completed with one click, and no longer interfere with the conference process. The authority to browse and download conference materials is controlled by the administrator, the original confidentiality scheme ensures information security, and the anti-hacking design ensures that the conference will not be disturbed, which will help realize paperless office, fully implement e-government, and promote the modernization of colleges and universities.

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