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DSPPA | Professional Sound System for Guangxi Agricultural Engineering Vocational Technical College

DSPPA | Professional Sound System for Guangxi Agricultural Engineering Vocational Technical College

Abstract:Professional Sound System brings excellent live sound effects to the auditorium project in Nanning, Guangxi.

Project Background
Guangxi Agricultural Engineering Vocational Technical College is located in the rapidly developing China-ASEAN Nanning Airport Economic Zone, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

It is a state-owned public full-time vocational college established with the approval of the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in March, 2021.

We are honored to be invited by the college to configure a complete set of professional sound reinforcement systems for the auditorium, presenting a stable, clear sound and professional conference sound reinforcement effect, to meet various needs in the auditorium.

System Highlight
LA1420/LA1420S passive compact line array system, with remarkable performance, excellent radiation characteristics, clear and delicate sound, strong sound penetration, and easy installation, can form a high-energy broadband main sound reinforcement system. (You may be interested in more information about pa system for schools )

Directional antenna D6656 and antenna distributor D6657 are used together to increase the receiving distance, and wireless microphone system works with it to ensure that the receiving sensitivity will not degrade, improve the receiving quality and get the best transmission effect.

Installation Site
D6565 & LA1420+LA1420S

D5811+D5812 & Rack Mount

Product List

System Diagram

With low noise, high intelligibility and durability, the professional sound reinforcement system can work well without distortion even in a high-power working environment, for creating a stereo original sound in every corner of the auditorium.

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