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DSPPA | MAG6000 IP Network PA System in Boya College Guigang, Guangxi

DSPPA | MAG6000 IP Network PA System in Boya College Guigang, Guangxi

Abstract: DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System for schools has been successfully applied to Boya College Guigang in Guigang city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Project Background
Boya College Guigang, a key investment project of the Guigang government, is located in the Xijiang Education Park in Guigang city, Guangxi, which is a high-quality private school with a 12-year system.

System Highlight
Based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP protocol, MAG6000 IP Network PA System can support remote paging and scheduled broadcast, zone management, alarm voice evacuation, timing, fixed-point and fixed-zone playback functions.

Meanwhile, our remote sub-control software can effectively improve remote control and management while the true diversity wireless microphone can enable leaders to speak with a wireless microphone in the playground.

MAG6000 IP Remote Control Network Software
● Supports the computer to display all partitions and their status;
● Support 100/10Mbps adaptive TCP/IP network transmission protocol;
● Have the same permissions for networked host field operations;
● Program files can be transferred remotely;
● Supports remote manipulation of the network host software;
● With password protection function when logging in.

D5821 True Diversity Wireless Microphone
● Dual-channel PLL design;
● UHF200 channel PLL digital lock automatic communication function;
● Adopt IR frequency pairing;
● With display screen to display working status(to display frequency, channel, squelch, level, etc.);
● With volume control for each channel;
● AF output (using “XLR” sockets for separate output and mixed output).

The device can be matched with D6656 Active Directional Antenna to increase receiving distance in the playground.

Installation Site
MAG6182II(Windows) / MAG6182L(Linux)
IP Network PA Center

DSP106IIL 40W Wall Mount Speaker & DSP406IIL 40W Wall Mount Speaker

DSP258 80W Waterproof Column Speaker & DSP408 40W Waterproof Column Speaker

Product List

System Diagram

MAG6000 Network IP System is one of the most mature and stable IP network systems of DSPPA, meeting the needs of campus projects for diverse functions.

In addition to campus projects, it can also be used in airports, stations, railway stations, stadiums, expo centers, parks, office buildings, shopping malls, plants, and so on.

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