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Brief Introduction of Public Broadcasting System

Because of the limited sound energy produced by natural sound sources (such as voice speech, singing, musical instrument playing, sound reproduction, etc.), the sound pressure level decreases with the increase of propagation distance, and the influence of environmental noise, the propagation distance of sound sources is greatly limited. Therefore, in public places, we must use electronic technology - sound amplification system to amplify the sound source signal, improve the sound pressure level in the audience area, and ensure that each audience can get the appropriate sound pressure level.

IP PA system is a system engineering, which requires close cooperation of many disciplines, such as electronic technology, electroacoustic technology, sound construction technology and acoustic art. The sound effect of public broadcasting system is not only related to the comprehensive performance of electro-acoustic system, but also closely related to the sound transmission environment, architectural acoustics and the use of on-site tuning. Therefore, the final effect of public broadcasting system needs the best cooperation of correct and reasonable electro-acoustic system design and debugging, good sound transmission conditions and correct on-site tuning technology, which complement each other. In the system design, the above problems must be considered comprehensively. On the basis of choosing the electro-acoustic equipment with good performance, through careful system design, careful system debugging and good sound construction conditions, the electro-acoustic pleasant and natural sound effect can be achieved. IP PA system, i.e. digital network public broadcasting system, adopts IP Audio technology. It transmits audio signals in the form of standard IP packets in LAN and WAN. It is a bidirectional audio amplification system for pure digital network transmission.

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