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PA System Applied in Jump Arena Ha noi, Vietnam

PA System Applied in Jump Arena Ha noi, Vietnam

PA System Applied in Jump Arena Ha noi, Vietnam

Jump Arena Ha noi is an indoor trampoline park and the coffee garden in Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. It is the first and largest indoor trampoline park in Vietnam where players can be immersed in the newest level of entertainment and full-body exercise. Its id specialized in providing a variety of unforgettable activities which consist of enormous uniquely designed trampoline such as Free-Jumping, Rock Climbing, Fun Climbing, Dodgeball, Bounce Slam Dunk, Ninja Challenge, High-Performance, Foam Pit, Giant Airbag, Sky Challenge and a separate kids zone for safety to be assured.

PA System Applied in Jump Arena Ha noi, Vietnam

To bring better music experience to customers, DSPPA PA system was applied in both trampoline park and coffee garden.

Product display


Ø  70V/100V/4-16 Ω, rated power 60W/120W/250W/350W

Ø  3 Mic inputs, Mic 1 with priority and muting function

Ø  2 auxiliary line input &1 line output for additional mixer or amplifier link

Ø  Individual volume control for each microphone and line input

Ø  Bass and treble control


Ø Four channels of microphone and two channels of line input, and separate adjustment of treble and bass;

Ø With 6-partitions selector,

Ø Built-in chime and alarm generator

Ø With USB and Bluetooth player, support formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and ACC;

Ø Telephone TEL input on rear panel with controllable call volume;

Ø Built-in 48V phantom power for four channels of microphone, MIC1-4 with independent volume control switch

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Installation Scene

Installation Sscene of PA System-1Installation Sscene of PA System-2Installation Sscene of PA System-3Installation Sscene of PA System-4

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