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Ekaterinburg continues preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Less than a year later in the capital of the Urals will be matches of the group stage, the first of which will be held on the second day after the opening of the mundialya in Moscow. A month ago in Yekaterinburg, the FIFA delegation and the organizing committee "RUSSIA-2018" visited the inspection, which highly appreciated the city's readiness for the 2018 World Cup. In addition to the central sports arena, the experts also checked the training grounds - the Ural and Khimmash stadiums, the technical equipment of which was occupied by Sinsaund-Technology (the official representative of Imlight).

The Khimmash stadium was put into operation on September 20, 2017. After the World Cup 2018, the modern sports complex will be handed over to the specialized children's and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve No. 18.

One of the features of the Khimmash stadium is the location in the protected natural area of local importance, therefore, all reconstruction work began only after the positive conclusion of all responsible examinations and instances. In terms of the main activities carried out - a football field with a natural grass cover and a system of irrigation and drainage, a grandstand for 500 seats, an administrative and household complex with two locker rooms, a commentator's cabin and a hall for press conferences.

The structure of technological systems of the stadium (design, delivery and installation of which was conducted by the company "Shinsound-Technology") included:
• System of sound field accompaniment, stands and indoor spaces.
• Equipment commentator's cabin.
• Server hardware.
• Mobile set of sound equipment.

System of sound reinforcement of the field and spectator stands

DSPPA DSP-3012A - 2-way all-weather horn speaker
DSPPA MP-2500 - power amplifier
DSPPA MP-6450 - power amplifier
AMC MHQ-60X - 2-band full-range loudspeaker
DSPPA DSP-258 - two-way all-weather sound column
JDM PA-412DP - 4x -channel power amplifier

Sound reinforcement system

AMC PC 8TX - acoustic ceiling system
JDM PA-212DP - 2-channel power amplifier

Workplace coach / commentator. The commentator's cabin

JENDA JRC-11 - desktop microphone with zone selector
SENNHEISER EM 2050-AW-X - rack-mounted receiver
SENNHEISER SKM 2000 BK-AW-X hand transmitter with dynamic cardioid capsule
SENNHEISER SK 2000-AW-X portable transmitter for head microphone
SENNHEISER HSP 4- ew-3 miniature microphone with
JDM MA-1410 neckband attachment - mixer-preamplifier
Behringer POWERPLAY PRO-XL HA4700 amplifier for stereo headphones
BEYERDYNAMIC DT 108 - headset
VOLTA COBRA 2.2 - digital signal transmission module CobraNet

Conference hall

AMC PC 8TX - acoustic ceiling system
JDM PA-224DP - 2-channel power amplifier
VOLTA MX-642CX - compact professional mixing console

Sources, signal processing and routing devices

VOLTA DSP 4800 PRO - multifunctional digital control processor
JDM MA-1410 - mixer preamplifier
JEDIA JPA-1360B - mixer amplifier
JEDIA JRR-10 - interface board for switching of remote microphone consoles
JEDIA JLC-100 - audio converter
VOLTA COBRA 2.2 - transmission system module digital signal CobraNet
JDM JMU-307A - monitor panel

Workplace of the event organizer

JEDIA JRC-11 - desktop microphone with zone selector
Behringer X32 PRODUCER - digital mixer
BEHRINGER UMC202HD - USB audio interface
Behringer MS40 - 2-way monitor system

Mobile case for posting commentator equipment

On the equipment TM IMLIGHT

Installation equipment (connection boxes)


Mobile equipment kit

Mobile sound reinforcement system

VOLTA T-REX ANGRY TOP Acoustic broadband system with amplifying module for ANGRY T-REX
VOLTA T-REX SUB Acoustic low-frequency system

Sources, signal processing and routing devices

Behringer X32 RACK 40-channel
Behringer UMC202 HD - USB audio interface

Microphones and radio systems


Installation equipment


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