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【Xinhu Park Case Study】DSPPA MAG6282 IP Intercom Audio System

Abstract: DSPPA MAG6282 IP Intercom Audio System has been applied to Xinhu Park, Maonan, Maoming, Guangdong.

DSPPA MAG6282 IP Intercom Audio System has been applied to Xinhu Park, Maonan, Maoming, Guangdong.
Project Background
Established in 1987, Xinhu Park, located in Maoming, has a total area of 22.26 hectares, of which the water area is 10.13 hectares, and the construction area is only 0.28 hectares, accounting for only 1.3% of the total area. The park has major facilities, such as children’s playgrounds, water parks, coffee shops, exhibition halls, etc.
Now, DSPPA Integrated Waterproof IP Broadcast Lamp has been used in the Xinhu Park in Maoming City, which can guarantee citizens’ safety in their daily life conveniently. The system integrates functions such as help alarm, monitoring linkage, information release, intelligent lighting, IP broadcasting and so on.
Product Highlight
MAG6282 IP Intercom Audio System is a network visualized system, which integrates public address system and intercom system. Through broadcast and audiovisual communication among the administrator, visitors and help-seekers, this system can realize the broadcasting and security management.

Based on the VOIP protocol, the system can not only support zone paging, broadcasting, video intercom, SOS alarm, but connect an IP camera to monitor the situation of each zone. It is widely used in buildings, command centers, prisons, banks, plants, streets, schools, parks, etc.
System Connection Diagram

With the one-key alarm function, the citizens can initiate an alarm and call the police for help in an emergency, greatly facilitating citizens in need to seek for help, and providing a further guarantee for their safety.

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