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DSPPA | Intelligent PA System for A Football Stadium in Serbia

DSPPA | Intelligent PA System for A Football Stadium in Serbia

Abstract: Our intelligent public address system has been successfully incorporated into a football stadium in Serbia.

Project Background
This project is related to a football club, located in Serbia, building a platform to gather football enthusiasts together to improve their physical quality and enrich their cultural life in an all-round way.

The football club is divided into 2 independent zones, namely, an indoor lounge and an outdoor football stadium. On account of its needs for activity organization and emergency voice, we are designated to draw up an intelligent public address solution for both two zones.

Project Spotlight
The well-designed intelligent public address solution is primarily comprised of a 20-zone matrix host, 1 remote paging microphone and quite a few speakers for broadcasting daily activities, football games, and background music.

The adopted speakers must be loud enough for sports broadcasts and emergency broadcasts in an open football stadium, delivering high speech intelligibility, sufficient sound pressure margin, and a uniform sound field.

Our DSP458 column speaker is a waterproof-certified outdoor loudspeaker. Designed with 4×8” woofers and 2×1.4” tweeters, it allows for high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

Moreover, the indoor ceiling speakers are fireproof speakers with a back cover, so as to respond to a fire accident in a safe and quick manner, broadcast evacuation messages normally and guide the path to the shelter area accurately in an emergency.

We have a wide range of fireproof speakers, distinctive in shape and sturdy in structure, with the aim to cater to the diverse needs of customers for public address on different occasions.

Project Highlight
MAG2120II/MAG2140II Intelligent PA System
The intelligent broadcast media matrix system is an intelligent public address system that integrates such functions as playback, intelligent timing control, audio matrix, zone control, intelligent fire linkage, remote computer control and telephone paging as well as remote paging.

Leveraging on its integral public address functions and individualized intelligent control functions, the system can better satisfy the demands of users for small and medium public address systems, like the sound amplification at such public places as primary and high schools, small and medium plants, parks and squares.

Project List



Product Name




20-Zone Intelligent PA System Host

1 pc



Remote Paging Station

1 pc



PA System Player

1 pc



PA System Emergency

1 pc




1 pc



Mixer Amplifier

1 pc



Power Amplifier

1 pc



Waterproof Column Speaker

6 pcs



Fireproof Speaker

10 pcs

Project Diagram

Steered by our intelligent public address matrix system, the football club is competent in promoting sports spirit vigorously and encouraging people to enhance their physical and mental qualities on all fronts, while safeguarding them from the detriments of incidents.

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