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DSPPA | IP Network PA System for Beijing Workers Gymnasium

DSPPA | IP Network PA System for Beijing Workers Gymnasium

Abstract:DSPPA's Network PA System has been applied in Beijing Workers Gymnasium with advanced features and modular design.

Project Information
Beijing Workers Gymnasium, originally built in 1961, is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the central area of Beijing, China.

With a seating capacity of 13,000, it is primarily used for indoor sports such as volleyball, basketball, concerts as well as other large-scale events, and is now an iconic landmark in the city, attracting visitors and locals for its diverse range of activities.

Product Highlights
MAG6182II IP Network PA System
The Network PA System is a state-of-the-art digital audio solution that offers excellent sound quality, versatility and flexibility. It supports remote control and paging, programmable timing function and abundant audio source inputs, and can be easily controlled and managed through the MAG6000 Remote Control Network Software.

PC1021X Power Amplifier Matrix Controller
The PC1021X device integrates the main functions of signal matrix switcher, matrix partitioner, eight-way broadcast partitioner, main/backup switcher, eight-way monitor and eight-way line detector. It utilizes multi-channel DSP digital processing to enhance SNR and minimize channel crosstalk.

Fireproof Ceiling Speaker
The 6W fireproof ceiling speakers provide enhanced safety, aesthetics, sound quality and durability, which is good choice especially for public buildings like the Beijing Workers Gymnasium.

Installation Site

Product List

Note: The list differs slightly from the actual situation and is for reference only.

System Diagram

Note: The diagram depicts a portion of the project and differs slightly from the actual product, for reference only.

The DSPPA MAG6182II IP Network PA System has proven to be an excellent choice for the Beijing Workers Gymnasium, delivering high-quality audio performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

With its advanced features, modular design, and robust construction, the Network PA System is an ideal solution for large-scale audio installations in sports venues, commercial banks, conference centers, airports, and other public spaces.

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