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Attention: The Latest Notice from DSPPA

Attention: The Latest Notice from DSPPA

In response to the new human coronavirus, we are supposed to reduce risk of spreading this virus and curb any momentum of spreading with a high sense of responsibility.
Attention: The Latest Notice from DSPPA
Attention: The Latest Notice from DSPPA

Now we are here to share the following notifications with you.

1. Our Get Show (originally held on 16th-19th Feb.), Prolight & Sound (originally held on 19th-22nd Feb.), Shenzhen ISLE (originally held on 24th-27th Feb.) all those three exhibitions will be postponed until further notice according to the actual situation.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

2. China's State Council on 27th Jan. (Monday) announced plans to extend the Spring Festival holidays to 2nd Feb. as a key measure to control the new coronavirus.

Therefore, our DSPPA International Department will also extend the holidays to 5th Feb. If necessary, please contact our corresponding sales manager by WeChat, skype, WhatsApp or any other instant communication or calling.

3. We sincerely advise you to cancel all the travel plan to China recently, especially to Wuhan city. As we are now unit together to fight against this virus, we have confidence in ending the novel coronavirus outbreak, and we will win the final victory soon, everything will get back as normal.

China 2020 is quite more powerful than that in 2003! We believe we can end the new coronavirus soon! When everyone is aware of the risk, the risk has disappeared!

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