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Tips Sharing (III): Video Demo for Campus Network PA System

Tips Sharing (III) | Video Demo for Campus Network PA System

Abstract: Video Demonstration - How to reduce the risk of network disconnection or power outage in campus broadcast.
Network PA System

The campus broadcasting system is one of the indispensable infrastructures for each school. It can not only be used for daily school bells for classes, but also for broadcasting to an examination room. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the time for college entrance examination of this year was changed to 7th and 8th July. With a view to ensure the normal operation of the broadcast system for college entrance examination, DSPPA is here to help you solve the problems that may be encountered when teachers are using the campus network public address system.

Q: When I use the campus Network PA System to broadcast English listening, can it reduce the risk of offline and power outages?

A: Of course!

Effect Demo


Through the 100V constant voltage backup function introduced by DSPPA, the network speakers will play the 100V constant voltage audio when disconnected from the network to prevent the risk of interruption of playback.

Specific Operations

◀Step 1▶

Connect the computer and the network speaker with a network cable, change the fixed IP of the computer to the same segment as the IP of the speaker (The default IP of the network speaker is 192.168.40.XX.), and enter the speaker IP in the web page to log in to the speaker parameter configuration interface.
Video Demo for Campus Network PA System
Video Demo for Campus Network PA System

◀Step 2 (MAG6363)▶

As for MAG6363, please click the Enable option for the 100V constant voltage backup function and then click Submit. MAG6363 can support offline and power-off backup, that is, the speaker still can play the 100V constant voltage audio even when the power is off suddenly.

◀Step 2 (MAG6463)▶

As for MAG6463, please click the Enable & Backup option at 100V input and then click Submit. MAG6463 can support offline backup only, and the power-off backup needs to be customized.

The campus network public address system can make the audio signal digital, which allows students to feel the perfect CD quality, clear and loud, while listening to English broadcast. However, the system also has a certain risk of network congestion and disconnection. When an important test, like the listening test for college entrance examination, is about to be conducted, no errors are allowed. Therefore, the 100V constant voltage backup function of DSPPA Network Public Address System is adopted to perfectly eliminate this concern, as it will automatically switch to analog signals when the network is disconnected, without latency or jams, in a bid to escort the smooth listening of the college entrance examination.

This function can turn the network speaker into an active speaker for automatic and seamless switch, and continue to broadcast the listening for college entrance examination when the network is paralyzed; and it can also turn the network speaker into an ordinary speaker with constant voltage when the power is off, and then the audio source equipment for college entrance examination in the host room will be powered by UPS and continue to play the listening audio for candidates, providing double guarantee for the college entrance examination, and effectively reducing the risk of not being able to broadcast college entrance examination listening and other bells.

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