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Exhibition || China (Xiamen) Educational Equipment Exhibition

Abstract: Invitation to the 79th China Educational Equipment Exhibition! Looking forward to meeting you in Xiamen.
China Educational Equipment Exhibition is the largest, most influential, and most professional brand exhibition in the educational equipment industry in China and even in the world. And the exhibition is also known as the vane of the educational equipment market and one of the top 100 exhibitions in the country.
The 79th China Educational Equipment Exhibition will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from 23rd to 25th April!

As a leading company in the audio and video field, DSPPA is invited to participate in this grand event. During the exhibition, we will bring the overall solution to academic lecture hall, overall solution to smart classroom, visualized network PA systemfor safe campus, AI no-latency network PA system for smart campus, 5G WiFi conference system and other products, and simulate the teaching environment with immersive interaction, showing the smart application of innovative technology in education informatization, and providing a variety of options for you with different needs.

Product Highlight

Overall Solution to Academic Lecture Hall

The overall solution to academic lecture hall is designed to integrate digital conference, distributed central control, professional sound reinforcement, 4K distributed visualized integrated management platform, and LED display screen and stage lighting systems, so as to provide one-stop service for the sound, light, video, and communication system of a lecture hall.

Overall Solution to Smart Classroom

The overall solution to smart classroom aims to integrate multiple audio and video systems in the classroom, integrating classroom recording and broadcasting, video interaction, classroom central control, teaching sound reinforcement, and audio and video broadcasting to create a new smart classroom which is smart, simple, and powerful.

5G WiFi Conference System

5G WiFi Conference System adopts the 5GHz communication frequency band, wireless WiFi digital audio transmission technology, supports Dante protocol, and provides a high-fidelity, safe and stable wireless digital conference system solution without compression, loss, or delay.

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Time: 23rd-25th April, 2021
Exhibition Address: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center
DSPPA Booth: B1032, Hall B1

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