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Exhibition Invitation || Meet at Beijing InfoComm China 2021

Exhibition Invitation || Meet at Beijing InfoComm China 2021

Abstract: DSPPA sincerely invites you to attend Beijing InfoComm China 2021 at the China National Convention Centre.

As a leading business platform to promote the development of emerging technologies of professional AV, integrated experience and AI, Beijing InfoComm China 2021 will be held at the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) in Beijing from 21st to 23rd July, with exhibition area about 68,000㎡, and will attract thousands of visitors from the professional AV and integrated experience market and various related industries.

Exhibition Time: 21-23 July, 2021
Exhibition Address: China National Convention Centre (Beijing)
DSPPA Booth: EJ5-01

“Today's technology, for a new future” is the theme of Beijing InfoComm China 2021, which is also in line with the development philosophy of DSPPA. At that time, DSPPA will display the command and control center solution, smart home audio solution, visualized network PA system solution, 5G WIFI conference system and other products.

DSPPA Booth: EJ5-01

#Product Highlight#

Command&Control Center

In order to seize the “prime time” and ensure the “zero time difference” of data and information transmission for the joint operations of all departments when encountering an emergency, DSPPA command and control center solution can create a powerful, stable and reliable, easy-to-operate, economical, highly integrated, compatible and expandable command and dispatch center to realize the emergency command and dispatch system of “integration, convergence, interconnection, intercommunication”, and ensure that emergency work is carried out in an efficient and timely manner, which satisfies the need for daily coordination and the need for command and dispatch for an emergency.

Visualized Network PA System

Visualized network public address system is a set of audio and video interactive system based on pure digital technology transmission. It uses H.264 and SIP protocol encoding to transmit audio and video signals in the form of data packets on the LAN and WAN. With core technologies such as anti-network jitter, anti-packet loss, low latency and lip sync, it has functions of audio and video intercom, media information release and Al alarm, to realize the audio and video interaction between the administrator and others and security management.

5G WIFI Conference System

5G WiFi conference system adopts 5GHz communication frequency band and wireless WiFi digital audio transmission technology, supports Dante protocol, and provides a high-fidelity, safe and stable wireless digital conference system solution without compression, loss, or latency.

Meet with you 
at Beijing InfoComm China 2021
Looking foward to your presence!

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