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Highlights of China (Xiamen) Educational Equipment Exhibition

Abstract: We are back from the educational equipment exhibition with great results.
With the rapid development of digital technology, information technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are introduced into campuses. The traditional teaching model is undergoing profound changes. As the leader of domestic audio and video systems, DSPPA utilizes industry-leading technological advantages to promote the digital intelligence transformation of campus. On this exhibition, DSPPA presented its new smart campus audio and video system solution.

The 79th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened on April 23rd in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, lasting for 3 days, with “exhibition, exchange, cooperation, innovation, and development” as its core, to display the education equipment required by all levels and types of schools.

Promote educational innovation and reconstruct a smart campus. In this exhibition, DSPPA brought the overall solution to academic lecture hall, overall solution to smart classroom, visualized network PA system for safe campus, AI no-latency network PA system for smart campus, and 5G WiFi conference system, providing a complete overall solution for smart upgrades in the education industry. It won widespread attention from the industry, the media and the majority of exhibitors, and has become the focus of much attention.

Now, let’s see the grand occasion of the exhibition,
and experience the wonderful moments!

On the exhibition, our products won the favor of customers with extraordinary strength, overwhelmingly popular, and there were an endless stream of visitors who came to consult.

Among our products, 5G WiFi Conference System is the most popular, which adopts the 5GHz communication frequency band, wireless WiFi digital audio transmission technology, supports Dante protocol, and provides a high-fidelity, safe and stable wireless digital conference system solution without compression, loss, or delay.

▲The experience area of the academic lecture hall solution

As the highlight of this exhibition, the overall solution of DSPPA’s academic lecture hall has attracted many visitors to stop and stay for exchanges. The overall solution of the academic lecture hall integrates distributed management platform, professional sound reinforcement system, digital conference system, and central control system, to meet the needs of centralized management and collaborative work, and has been widely used in major universities.

This exhibition is very successful, and we attracted many visitors for business exchanges and gained a lot of potential customers.

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