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Successfully Attended Shenzhen Audiovisual System Exhibition

Abstract: Now the 2021 Audio-visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition came to an end.

This exhibition was opened on 14th April at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, lasting for 3 days. The exhibition gathered new products and boutiques, and brought together well-known brands in the industry. As the leader of overall solutions for audio and video systems, DSPPA has always been at the forefront of the industry, bringing more and better products to customers. In this exhibition, DSPPA showed the command and control center solution, audio and video system solution for safe city, the smart security no-latency network PA system solution, and the 5G Wifi conference system and others.

At the exhibition, DSPPA attracted wide attention from all parties with its advanced technology and high-quality, high-value products. Leaders of China Entertainment Technology Association visited our booth for guidance.

DSPPA, as a national high-tech enterprise, attaches great importance to protecting intellectual property rights in accordance with the law while advancing technological innovation, continuously improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In this exhibition, DSPPA won the “First Prize in Professional Audio Category” in the Outstanding Award for Intellectual Property of Products Exhibited in the 2021 International Audio-visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition.

Besides, DSPPA Cloud Broadcasting System won the “First Prize in Professional Audio Category” in Technical Progress Award for Products Exhibited.

DSPPA Cloud Broadcasting System is a broadcasting system that adopts a cloud computing model for distributed deployment and implementation. It adopts a new cloud-based SaaS software platform service model and integrates cloud computing, IoT, and broadcasting systems to realize an emergency cloud broadcasting solution that can be quickly delivered. The system is mainly composed of cloud broadcasting platform system, cloud broadcasting client, cloud microphone, cloud terminal and other products, and is combined with IP bandwidth and 4G cellular network, to support the rapid construction of emergency broadcasting system in natural villages.

Thanks to the recognition of the experts from China Entertainment Technology Association, DSPPA will continue to uphold its original aspiration, adhere to the combination of technological innovation and market innovation, and provide high-quality products and excellent services with the tenet of “quality first, customer first”.

The wonderful exhibits and the patient service of DSPPA staff attracted many visitors. The 2021 International Audio-visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition here came to an end.

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