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MAG6183C 2U Network PA System Host


● With a one-key alarm trigger for all zones and manual alarm functions.
● With auto on/off function, easy to use; with automatic screen saver function, energy-saving.
● Adopt distributed CS kernel framework and BS Web background service, support Windows platform.
● With two servers and two databases, one master host, and one backup unit, real-time synchronization, for dual-system hot backup function.
● Support the access of the intercom system.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

Network Public Address System adopts fully digital transmission, with the local area network as the primary transmission medium, and transmits to any place covered by the network. It can use the existing local area network architecture for fast construction and investment saving, realize the integration of multiple networks with powerful interactive functions, and break through the functions of the traditional public address system that can only transmit to the next unit and can only be controlled through the centralized control of the computer room. Visualized Network PA System Host can be compatible with terminals with different functions, including playback terminals, on-demand terminals, paging terminals, one-key emergency help terminals, etc. The host itself integrates an audio and video player, partitioner, preamplifier, timer, powerful audio matrix functions, etc., which can realize audio and video intercom, media information release, audio and video storage, AI alarm, etc. Network Public Address System is suitable for airports, docks, university towns, schools, large-scale gatherings (like Expo Park), sports stadiums, industrial parks, parks, rail transits, highways, etc.




I5  10400


2666 8G/ DDR4

Hard Disk

500G SSD m.2

Display Output Interface



Front USB*2, Rear USB*6

Audio Interface

Audio Input Interface*1    Audio Output Interface*1 Microphone*1



Serial Port


Support protocol

Compatible with the network protocol such as DHCP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, ARP



Power Input

88-132VAC/176-264VAC (Switch Replacement) 47-63HZ

Working Temperature & Humidity

-10℃~50℃,≤90%RH (No condensation)

Self-consumption Power


Package Size (L×W×H mm)

530× 490× 145

Machine Size (L×W×H mm)

483× 320× 88

Gross Weight


Net Weight


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