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General Situation of Mini Amplifier Bluetooth

The mini amplifier Bluetooth sound box refers to audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chip that can substitute Bluetooth connection for traditional wire connection. It is very convenient to connect the sound boxes with the Bluetooth play equipment of mobile phones, tablet computers, and PC. At present, the Bluetooth sound boxes are mainly portable sound boxes, their appearances are generally small and portable. The Bluetooth sound box technology is also gradually paid attention to and accepted by consumers because of its convenience. The common Bluetooth sound boxes on the market most are mono sound boxes (single sound unit). At the same time, there are some multi-channel sound boxes with excellent sound quality emerging on the market(two or more sound units). Bluetooth sound boxes are the combination of the Bluetooth technology and the traditional digital and multimedia sound boxes, which allows users to get rid of the annoying wires and listen to the music as one wishes. Since the advent of Bluetooth sound boxes, the development of smart terminals has attracted widespread attention from the mobile phones and tablet device users. Bluetooth Technology makes the wireless sound box become possible. Nowadays, all kinds of well-known brands have launched various kinds of "Bluetooth sound boxes", consumers can get super-fashion and convenient Bluetooth sound boxes by spending different amount of money.

There are pretty many Bluetooth earphones on the market now, while the Bluetooth sound boxes are relatively few. The so-called Bluetooth sound box, in fact, is a kind of sound box that treats the Bluetooth transmission protocol as its carrier for data transmission. Because most of the mobile devices (mobile phones, PC, tablet computers) have built-in Bluetooth chips, it can be quickly identified without the need of data lines or audio line connections, which is easy to operate and convenient to connect.

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