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MAG6107L 30W Network Indoor Slave Speaker


● Made of high-quality fiberboard, with small vibration and clear, bright sound;
● Chassis with wall-mounted hole piece for easy installation;
● Rated impedance 4Ω, rated power 30W;
● Sensitivity 90±2dB, maximum sound pressure level 104±2dB, effective frequency range 105Hz-20kHz.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The MAG6107L is a 30W indoor slave speaker with a 2” treble and 5” bass. It boasts a clear and bright sound, with minimal vibration and a sound pressure level of up to 104±2dB. This speaker is designed to work with the MAG6107CVG master speaker and is ideal for use indoors.



Acoustic System

Drive Unit

Treble 2”  Bass 5”

Sensitivity (1m, 1W)


Max. SPL (1 m)


Frequency Response


Rated Power (RMS)


Power Supply


Package Size (W×D×H mm)


Product Size (W×D×H mm)


Gross Weight

7.1kg (2PCS)

Net Weight


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