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MAG6107CVG 30W Network Indoor Wall Mount Speaker


● With integrated design of network terminal processor and high fidelity speaker;
● Built-in industrial-grade special network audio decoding chip, can play background music from the system host, emergency paging, alarm signals, etc. The network programme source has more than 7 levels of priority level management function, which is divided into three major categories: background broadcasting, business broadcasting and emergency broadcasting;
● Can be applied at any place with access to network;
● Support the decoding of 16-bit digital audio stream with the maximum sampling rate of 48kHz;
● Built-in 2×30W digital power amplifier with sub-speaker interface to meet the needs of classroom teaching;
● 2.4G wireless microphone broadcast: used in conjunction with 2.4G wireless microphone, mainly used in wireless multimedia teaching;
● Headset wireless microphone, support one teacher to carry one microphone;
● Support webpage modification of IP address and other parameters, or remote server modification through upgrade tools.
● Bluetooth music broadcasting: It can accept the Bluetooth signal of the mobile phone for Bluetooth music broadcasting.
● Support one local line input for connecting to a local all-in-one machine or other audio source equipment to expand program sources;
● Support one local line output to expand the power of the machine;
● It has a 100V backup input interface, which can realize 100V seamless backup switching function when the network is disconnected and the power is disconnected;
● The audio source priority is adjustable and supports two modes: network priority and network and local mixing;

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MAG6107CVG Network Indoor Speaker is a modern network playback terminal based on TCP/IP transmission protocol, which has a fully digital analog-to-digital conversion signal processor combined with high-fidelity speakers to realize the integrated design of the processor and the speaker. The remote audio data stream can output audio signals through this machine, and directly emit sound from the speaker, which is intelligently controlled by the host;It has a built-in 2.4G transmission mode and a transmission box with a microphone, which mainly realizes 2.4G transmission function and can be used for local broadcasting, wireless multimedia teaching, wireless conference, etc.



Acoustic System

Speaker Dimension

Treble 2”  Bass 5”

Max. SPL (1 m)


Frequency Response


Rated Power (RMS)


Amplifier System

NET Playback

Built-in Amplifier

Min. Source Electromagnetic Force


Frequency Response






Rated Output Power


Output Method

4Ω Constant Resistant Output

Auxiliary Output Level


Auxiliary Output Frequency Response


Auxiliary Output Distortion


Auxiliary Output SNR


Auxiliary Input Minimum Source Electromotive Force

Line≤350mv (unbalanced)

Auxiliary Input Frequency Response


Auxiliary Input Total Harmonic Distortion


Auxiliary Input SNR

Line Output: ≥75dB (Broadband)


AC fuse, overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and short circuit

Power Supply

AC220V / 50Hz

Rated Power Consumption


Package Size (W×D×Hmm)


Product Size (W×D×H)


Gross Weight (2PCS)

10.5kg (2PCS)

Net Weight


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