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4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix System

The traditional matrix stitching system only solves the initial audio and video problems, which is still limited to a single conference room or a single command center, and can not be extended to departments that need to participate at all levels. In addition to the regional problems, the traditional audio and video system has the following shortcomings: the system is complex with large number of equipment, so if there is a problem with the system or equipment, it will take a lot of time to do the investigation; and if there are other requirements for the system, it's very difficult to expand; in addition, the compatibility between different devices is poor, especially when HD video signals are transmitted over long distances through various converters, transmitters and switching devices, signal instability often occurs.

With the acceleration of informatization, departments at all levels pay more attentions on conference, dispatching and command & control. New technologies and new equipment emerge in endlessly. Based on the needs of customers, the DSPPA distributed management system integrates signal acquisition and transmission technology, audio and video coding technology, graphic signal conversion technology, multi-screen image processing technology, network technology and intelligent control technology to provide users with a graphic information processing system with high physical resolution, high intelligent control and high stability.

It can be widely used in conference, monitoring, multimedia information issuance and command and dispatch. The distributed architecture can easily achieve HD acquisition, uncompressed transmission, HD restore the display information of various systems, intelligent control of peripheral equipment. It can also effectively improve the efficiency of command and dispatch, resource release and fault prevention, and conference communication.


With decentralized, server-free fully distributed architecture, failure of single hardware has no effect on the whole system, which is efficient and stable;

4K Resolution

The input and output image resolution can reach 4K, and the H. 265 encoding and decoding mode can bring you ultra-high definition experience;

HD Codec

Support HDMI, SDI, VGA and other signal coding and decoding, with H. 265 coding and decoding mode (compatible with H. 264 downward) to achieve remote transmission and control;

Graphic Processing

Support multi-video image tile, segmentation, fusion display, can realize the functions of free stretching, roaming, overlapping, image-in-image etc;

Lossless Compression and Delay-free Transmission

Adopt uncompressed coding technology and strong graphics processing chip to support uncompressed coding transmission of audio and video signals, which ensures that the audio and video is lossless and undistorted;

n Image Preview

Support pre-monitoring of audio and video signals and images, can control image states at all times, and improve efficiency;

IPC Seamless Access

Support the input, call and distribution of all DSPPA IP cameras, can receive and forward stream, access to video files, adjust the playback progress, and send to all levels;

Environment Control

Without traditional central control, can realize the interactive control management with third-party equipment (serial port/infrared IO, PWN), so as to realize the environmental control and management functions of conference rooms and dispatching rooms; can also realize remote management of lighting, curtain, volume and power supply, and customize DVD, projector, air conditioner, TV, camera and other equipment according to the needs of customers, so as to realize the interactive control management of audio-video and environment;

Efficient KVM

Support KVM function, KVM management, visual operation with OSD, and can realize remote control for users;

Seamless Switching

Support seamless switching of audio and video signals, with low delay in the switching process;

HD Recording and Backup

Supports channel recording of live audio and video signals, can control the playback time and backup to the corresponding server;

Visual Control

Support mobile phones, tablet computers, PC and touch-control integrated computer and other platforms for visual control, the control is more flexible and convenient.

4K IP-Based Distribution Matrix System
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