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DSP6914 HD Distributed Digital Output Terminal


● Support multi-video image tile, segmentation, fusion display, can realize the functions of free stretching, roaming, overlapping, image-in-image etc.
● Visual Lossless Compression and Ultra-Low Delay
● IPC Seamless Access
● Support mobile phones, tablet computers, PC and touch-control integrated computer and other platforms for visual control

  • Introduction

The 4K visual distributed management platform of DSPPA integrates advanced and stable audio and video transmission control, graphics signal switching, multi-screen image processing, network and intelligent control technology, which meets the needs of customers. It satisfies the user's "security, stability, scalability, interconnection, visualization and convenience" for the intelligent management platform. It also improves the efficiency of control, schedule and conference communication, and the timeliness of resource release and fault prevention.
DSP6914 HD Distributed Digital Output Terminal

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