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D6900 Distributed Integrated Management Center


● Embedded CPU, Linux operating system, multiple guarantees for data security , support 7 x 24 hours uninterrupted stable operation;
● Built-in distributed video software to support the input calls and distributions of all DSPPA IP camera: Receive and forward stream, access to video files, adjust the playback progress and the volume, and send to all levels;
● Support H. 265 coding and decoding, effectively solve the problem of bandwidth of video transmission and coding and storage capacity;
● Supports the management of video channel, and can synchronize channel information with the monitor video host and MCU by one key;
● Support hierarchical forwarding of streaming media, effectively solve the conflict caused by multi-user calling the bandwidth and access of the same device simultaneously ;
● Unified editing and authorization of all channels, which can assign different permissions according to different levels of users;
● Can seamlessly fuse with input and output nodes supporting DSPPA protocol, and arbitrary push of video stream to large screen for display and client for access;
● Support host cluster, load balancing and remote upgrade and maintenance.

  • Introduction

The 4K visual distributed management platform of DSPPA integrates advanced and stable audio and video transmission control, graphics signal switching, multi-screen image processing, network and intelligent control technology, which meets the needs of customers. It satisfies the user's "security, stability, scalability, interconnection, visualization and convenience" for the intelligent management platform. It also improves the efficiency of control, schedule and conference communication, and the timeliness of resource release and fault prevention.
D6900 Distributed Integrated Management Center

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