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DM868 8'' Dual-Zone Stereo Music Amplifier


● Support mobile APP control, and LAN voice real-time intercom.
● Support search for songs, news, stories, children’s books and weather forecasts.
● Support 2 zones for independent control of audio sources, which can play different music (online or local music);
● Can control other Android machines of our company to play music.
● With built-in 433 and zigbee protocol module communication.
● Can control smart home control.
● Support LAN multi-zone control and intercom function.
● Genuine QQ music resources.
● Support on-demand iQIYI resources.
● Support DLNA, Airplay, Qplay and other protocols, and can push music, videos, pictures, files, and apps from the mobile phone to the host for playback or installation.
● Support HD HDMI output, up to 1080P.
● Support mobile devices to push music via Bluetooth.
● Support external devices to control the machine via 485.
● Support 8-channel speaker output.
● Support audio input and output functions.
● Support TF card and 2.0 USB interface, which can be attached to a hard disk.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

Our smart background music host adopts 8" HD digital display (1080*1440 IPS high-definition resolution display), and supports multi-point condenser touch, with 4-core 2G running processor and Android 6.0 system for the main chip. The unit has 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM. It supports DLNA, Airplay, Qplay and other protocols.
With WIFI, Bluetooth, network port, HDMI HD cable; genuine QQ music resources, on-demand iQIYI resources (movies, TV series, variety shows, animations, etc.); support 2 zones to play different audio sources independently, and support on-demand HDP TV live channel, and LAN multi-zone control, intercom, etc. The host can control other machines through 485 port to play different music. It supports 485 protocol, with built-in 433 and zigbee protocol module communication. Besides, it can control smart home control.



Power Input


Output Power


Output Impedance


<0.03% (1W, 1KHZ)

Frequency Response


Audio SNR

>98 dB

Audio Input (AUX)

1 group

Audio Output

1 group

HD Video Output

1 group (HDMI)

WIFI Audio Push


Wired Network Port



Support (≥30m, ≤50m)

Bluetooth Audio Push


Bluetooth Distance



8" IPS digital high-definition display



Operating System

Android 6.0



Microphone Array

Linear 4 mics

Wire Box Opening Size


Product Dimensions


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