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Comparison of Wireless Digital Conference System and Wired Conference System

With the advancement of technology and the times, today's conference table has also been upgraded and reformed. Driven by the demand for high-quality meetings, the meeting system has become a necessary choice for contemporary meetings. In the face of high-standard and high-quality meeting requirements, the choice of a meeting system is particularly important.  There are many wired and wireless digital conference systems on the market.

Because the wireless digital conference system is easy to install and move, easy to use and maintain, and will not affect buildings and conference venues, it has gradually become an important development direction of professional conference systems. Especially with the upgrading of technology, the bandwidth for carrying wireless signal propagation has increased, and the transmission speed has increased rapidly, making wireless digital conference systems more popular in the market.

The wired conference system requires complicated wiring work, which will damage the walls and conference tables, change the original facilities of the conference venue and affect the appearance of the conference venue. Moreover, the traditional wired conference system is rigid, but the wired conference system has stable and reliable performance, strong confidentiality and is not susceptible to interference. Wired and wireless digital conference systems are not incompatible. This requires technical compatibility and commonality, eliminates the disadvantages and gains advantages.

The wireless digital conference system of Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. adopts a digital network that can wirelessly transmit information within a local area. Without changing the original facilities, the conference information can be accurately, quickly and safely transmitted to the participants. You are welcome to contact us and purchase at any time.

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