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D6403 Programable Multimedia Central Control Host


● Programable multimedia control center
● Adopt 64-bit embedded processor, max speed can reach 667MHZ
● 8 individual programable Rs232 port, can receive and send out data of Rs232, Rs485 and Rs422
● Built-in 256M RAM and 1 G memory FLASH storage
● 8 channels individual programable IR port, can be used as serial port, making total programable ports up to 16 pcs
● 8 channel digital Input/Output control port, with circuit protection function
● 8 channel low current replay interfaces, can control switching volume of 5V
● 3 NET network interfaces, can communicate with 256 network terminals
● With Infrared learning function, customers can change the Infrared devices without re-write the program
● Adopt international popular SMT assembling technology
● Working power of AC 110-240V, suitable to use in any part of the world

  • Introduction
  • Specification

D6403 control system is the upgraded version of the first generation of the central control system. Based on our rich experience on product application, we integrated the edges of other companies to one multimedia central control system with powerful program capability and communication and control capabilities. It is added slot for function expansion so that its application is more flexible and function upgrade is more powerful.

It is equipped with a 32-bit embedded processor with frequency of 533MHz, built-in 8M memory and 16M memory FLASH. It can compute complex logic instructions with high-speed; it provides programmable configuration mode and users can customize the system based on their needs. It applies highly integrated co-processor chip to provide support for the central processing unit so that a variety of complex operations and control can run smoothly.

Its communication and control is more handy and system is more extendable by learning from the X10 mature power carrier communication program in the United States and introducing power carrier communication integration exclusively.


32-bit ARM microprocessor


210MIPS,Up to 533MIPS

Standard memory

8M SDRAM,16M Flash

Extended memory

Can be extended to 32M

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