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AUX50I Aluminum Flush Invisible Wall Loudspeaker


● Music can be transmitted in all directions
● A range of frequency response
● The decrease of SPL is more deviated from the axis
● Radiated sound energy is transmitted in a non-directional way
● Perfectly integrated into any decorative background

  • Introduction
  • Specification

Once the AUX50I invisible speaker is installed on the wall, you can hear the music without seeing the entity. It can be free from the limitations of space, making music everywhere and truly invisible. And it can provide a comfortable and elegant music environment, bringing you a high-quality music experience.

AUX50I Aluminum Flush Invisible Wall Loudspeaker

Frequency response 150Hz -20 kHz
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 87±2dB
Normal power 20W
Maximum SPL 100±2dB
Product dimension 400mm×300mm×16mm
Package Dimension 450mm×305mm×72mm
Weight 1.7 kg

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