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D7634 Full HD Conference Recording and Broadcasting Host


● Support 6 HD-SDI HD inputs, 2 HDMI inputs, 2 VGA inputs, 1 HDMI output, 1 VGA output, 2 USB ports (the above ports do not support transfer), HD video and computer resolution of 1920*1080, and downward compatibility.
● Support local hard disk video file playback, USB video file playback and remote RTSP video stream playback and recording. Support 12 different split-screen layout modes, and support user-defined split-screen layout mode settings.
● Support automatic trigger switching of the PPT signal of the teaching computer, without installing any auxiliary software and plug-ins in the computer.

  • Introduction

Based on the requirements of the stability of conference recording and broadcasting equipment, the recording and broadcasting host must adopt an embedded architecture design, without the need for server and PC architecture, and coding box. The host integrates image recognition tracking, local and online broadcasting, recording, live broadcasting, on-demand broadcasting, video management, user management, digital audio, and power amplifier functions. With the Web remote management function, it can realize real-time monitoring and video monitoring. The recording and broadcasting host has beautiful appearance, and is easy to install, with a height of ≤1U, and a 2" LCD screen embedded in the front panel to display the device model, class name, machine IP, working status, machine temperature, date and time, and using 12V DC power supply.

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