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DSPPA's Journey in Indonesia Asian Games Successfully Ended

DSPPA’s Journey in Indonesia Asian Games Successfully Ended

Closing Ceremony of the 18th Asian Games on 2nd September marked the end of this grand event. As the largest comprehensive games in Asia, it is meaningful not only for Indonesia, but also for DSPPA. This is another massive project with the participation of DSPPA after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, and Sochi Winter Olympic Games. This time, DSPPA became the official support partner and exclusive supplier of public address and intelligent conference system of the 18th Asian Games.

These two certificates represent not only honor but also responsibility. DSPPA PA system and intelligent conference system have been installed in office building of the Organizing Committee, supermarkets and stadiums. Staffs and volunteers held High Fidelity Megaphone to maintain order outside stadiums. Good quality, professional service and active cooperation were highly commended by the organizing committee. As a reward, two Letters of User’s Feedback were given to DSPPA to send gratitude to DSPPA’s contribution in the Asian Games.

In the past 16 days, Chinese delegation always ranked the first in terms of number of medals. DSPPA is honored to have witnessed the success of China and the Asian Games. As the leading manufacturer of public address and conference system, DSPPA will continue to make all efforts to develop national brand. This wonderful journey in the 18th Asian Games came to an end but new path of DSPPA has just started.
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