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PC1021X 8 Channel Amplifier Matrix Controller


● Support 4-8 zones selector and Main and Standby amplifier switcher;
● Main and standby amplifier switching mode can be: 8 mains and 1 standby, 4 main and 1 standby, 4 main and 4 standby, and 4 main and multiple standbys.
● Support hot plug for the power switching modules; can plug the power switching modules with electricity on after switching off all the zones on the interface, without powering off the device;
● With real-time power testing function and error testing function;
● With loading loop testing function;
● With multiple equalizer modes for selective;
● Individual volume and tone controls for each zone;
● Can monitor output for each zone;
● With color touch screen displaying all working status;
● Can be extended to support remote control and compatible with PC series control protocol;
● Can be extended to support AC110V, DC24V power supply;
● Can be extended to be with DANTE function;
● Support connection with 70-100V power amplifier

  • Introduction
  • Specification

PC1021X is a device which integrates the main functions of signal matrix switcher, matrix selector and speaker selector. This device can simplify the public address system greatly as well as improve its intelligence and stability.



Channel switching capacity

100V/5A ;  audio signal

SNR (A weight)

76dB (25K low pass)

Audio input sensitivity


Maximum audio output voltage


Crosstalk attenuation between channels


Power supply


Packing sizeL×W×H


Machine sizeL×W×H

430×319×88 mm

Gross weight


Net weight


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