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DA8060/DA8125/DA8250 8 Channels Digital Power Amplifier


● Touch screen design, user-friendly.
● 9 channels: 8 main amplifiers, 1 standby amplifier.
● Active/standby switching function: 8 main amplifiers in
● 8 channels
● Independent input and output interfaces for each channel
● Independently volume adjustment
● Protection of over voltage, over current, high temperature,
● and short circuit
● 100V constant voltage output

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

The DA8250 series is an eight-master-one-standby-amplifier that integrates eight power amplifier modules and a sub-module and can control eight broadcast intervals. When one of the sections fails, the standby channel can also be used to continue broadcasting.

DA8060/DA8125/DA8250 8 Channels Digital Power Amplifier

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