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HD8014 Desktop Omnidirectional Microphone


● Built-in 3 unidirectional microphone arrays for 360° omnidirectional sound pickup, with a pickup distance of 3 meters.
● Support USB, and it is the voice supporting system of video conference system, multimedia communication system and UC unified communication.
● Support Skype for business, various network conference software, and various video terminals.
● Support LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal via 3.5mm audio cable

  • Introduction
  • Specification

HD8014 high-definition omnidirectional microphone is a high-performance omnidirectional microphone and conference phone, showing a perfect remote conference solution with its simplicity, fashion and excellent sound quality. It is adaptive to 48KHz full-duplex echo cancellation, and automatically adapts to all network conferences and video conference systems with different voice bandwidths in the world, with clear and smooth sound quality, and good stability, without noise at any time, so that the two or more parties can talk in a smooth and natural manner, providing comfortable, pleasant and immersive experience for remote conferences.

Speech Technical Parameters

Deep echo cancellation (AEC)

Full-duplex echo cancellation depth up to 65dB or more

Echo length


Two-way noise compression (NC)

Noise compression up to 18dB

Smart microphone automatic direction finding technology (EMI)

Automatic gain control technology (AGC)

Audio Parameters

Microphone frequency response


Speaker frequency response


Built-in microphone pickup range

3m in radius, 360° full range

Speaker volume

up to 90dB

Supported System

● Windows  ● Andriod 

● iOS   ● Linux

Network and Interface

2 USB-type Micro interfaces

2 analog audio 3.5mm interfaces

Structure and Dimensions

Dimensions (Dia.×H)


Wireless adapter size (L×W×H)


Working Environment and Specifications

Reverberation time

<0.5 seconds

Noise level

-48 dBA

Power supply

USB 5V/500mA

Working temperature

0°C-50°C (operating state)




Package dimensions (L×W×H)


Gross weight


Net weight


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