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HD8014 Desktop Omnidirectional Microphone


● Built-in 6 unidirectional microphone arrays for 360° omnidirectional sound pickup, with a pickup distance of 6 meters.
● Support USB and it is the voice-supporting system of video conference system, multimedia communication system and UC unified communication.
● Support Skype for business, various network conference software, and various video terminals.
● Support LINE IN/OUT analogue interface, connect external communication terminal via 3.5mm audio cable

  • Introduction
  • Specification

HD8014 omnidirectional microphone is high-performance omnidirectional microphone, which presents a perfect remote conference solution with its simplicity, fashion and excellent sound quality. It has built-in three unidirectional microphones arrays that synthesize microphone capture and high-quality audio over a 360-degree range of up to 6 meters, support multiple video conference software, suitable for distance education and training, recording and broadcasting classroom, interactive classroom and even electronic whiteboard.




Omnidirectional Digital Silicon Microphone

Number of Microphones

6 pieces





Freq.Resp. Range



Built-in full-range high-power speakers, AGC automatic gain control to provide smooth audio output

Echo Cancellation

Industry-leading echo cancellation technology

Noise Cancellation


Sample Rate


Pickup Radius

6 meters

Transmission Method

Type-C USB

Audio Output Interface

AUX 3.5mm headphone jack,used to connectactive speakers

Support System

Windows,Andriod, iOS,Linux

LED Indication

The system volume and LED lights are synchronized, the microphone is on / off, and the speaker is on / off

Control Method

Key Control

Key Function

Power on/off,MIC Mute, Speaker Mute, Volume Mute,Volume down, Volume up

Work Temperature


Environment Humidity

0-95% RH





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