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HD8105 Video Conference Integrated Terminal


● Can establish connections with other calling terminals to exchange conference information in real time
● Meet H.264HP, H.264BP and H.265 video codec standards
● Support 2-channel HDMI video input and output respectively, 2-channel analog line audio input and output respectively, 1-channell microphone audio input and output respectively
● Support mainstream screen, near-end or far-end, screen by screen and a large screen with two small screens, etc.
● Support one-key joining the conference and hang up, simple and convenient

  • Introduction

The All-in-One HD Video Conference Terminal adopts an integrated compact design with a built-in camera, which is exquisite and stylish and easy to install. It can support built-in HD MCU, and dual-channel 1080P high-definition input and output. Besides, it is easy to operate for holding a conference promptly, which is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized conferences.
Adopt an integrated compact design with simple interfaces, easy to connect and install; join a conference only in 5 minutes when powered on and connected to the TV; provide supporting brackets for multiple mounting methods such as mounted on the side wall and over the TV, and flip-over mounting. The remote controller integrates the most commonly used buttons, tiny and practical; one-key conference, one-key call, simple and easy to use.

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