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DN20 20 Channels Rackmount Digital Mixers


● Support free switching of MIC IN and LINE IN.
● With 48V phantom power for each channel. Can be controlled through the web.
● With input and output gain controller, feedback suppressor, equalizer, mixing, reverberation, compressor, and other DSP functions.
● With feedback suppression function switch for each MIC IN. And with matrix mixing and reverberation control functions.
● With TCP/IP protocol.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product is a high-quality digital mixing console, equipped with 8-channel MIC, 2-channel stereo, 1-channel USB flash disk playback, 1-channel USB sound card, 1-channel Bluetooth, and 1-channel optical for input; with Main L/R, BUS1/2/3/4, monitor, optical fiber and USB flash disk recording for output. This product has built-in input and output gain controller, feedback suppressor, equalizer, mixing, reverb, compressor, and other DSP functions. The device can be controlled by a computer via the RJ45 interface, and can also be controlled by a handheld terminal via the routing WIFI. The RS-232/RS-485 interface can be used to connect the central control system for remote control. It can be applied to various occasions.



DSP Chip

Signal Processing

32-bit fixed/floating-point DSP 300MHz

Audio System Delay

< 0.7ms

Digital-to-Analog Conversion (DAC)


Sampling Rate


Analog Audio IN & OUT

Input Impedance


Audio Interface

XLR balanced input & output, RCA unbalanced input & output

Phantom Power

+48VDC for each channel

Output Impedance


Maximum Undistorted Output Voltage


Audio Performance

Frequency Response

20Hz-20kHz(+ -0.5dB)


≤0.07 %

Maximum Noise Output Voltage


Connection & Display

TCP/IP Network Port


Display Screen

IP address, support input and output volume control, switching of sound card and Bluetooth, etc.

Electrical and Physical Parameters

Power Supply

AC100V---240V  50/60 Hz


481.5mm × 172mm × 177mm

Net Weight


Working Temperature


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