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Detailed Explanation and Noun Interpretation of Multimedia Conference Room

What functions do multimedia conference rooms need?
Multimedia conference rooms should not only meet the traditional and simple meeting requirements, but also have elegant style, beautiful sound quality and clear image demonstration. It can also be equipped with simultaneous interpretation system, voting function and video conference system as required.

It consists of large screen display, multimedia audio and video signal source, audio, switching and central integrated control. Select DVD and VCR with advanced functions, as well as physical and text transmission devices to restore their images through large screen projectors. In order to command more efficiently and in real time, it is necessary to equip a set of central integrated control equipment to control all indoor audio and video equipment, signal switching, lighting, screen up and down, volume adjustment and other functions. This greatly improves work efficiency and simplifies complex operations. It can be used by all people without professional knowledge.

We can divide the multimedia conference room system into several subsystems: projection display system, conference room speaker system, central integrated control system, multimedia audio and video system and video conference system.

How to reduce the echo and noise in the conference room?
A. In order to ensure sound source and sound absorption effect, carpets, ceilings, sound insulation blankets and double glass windows should be installed in the walls around the room, and spacers should be considered when entering or leaving the room.

B. In order to ensure sound edge and sound absorption effect, carpets, light-shielding curtains, sound-absorbing ceiling and doors should be laid in the room. At the same time, don't absorb too much sound to avoid dry and astringent sound. In order to improve the quality of sound signal, equalizer and feedback suppressor should be used to process the sound signal before it is input into power amplifier.

C. In order to reduce the echo in the conference room, use as few microphones as possible, because the more microphones, the easier it is to produce echoes, and the stronger the background noise introduced.

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