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DSP124L Round Type 6.5 Ceiling Speaker


● Fashionable round edge and the carbon alloy aluminum mesh design with RAL white coating to match with any indoor place perfectly;
● 6.5" unit with magnetic circuit encapsulated of special engineering plastic process;
● Meet the IEC 268-5 power handling capacity (PHC) standard;
● Run continuously for 100 hours and carry out simulating acoustic feedback exposure (SAFE) test;
● Bear double rated powers within a short period to ensure its high reliability under extreme conditions, prolong its service life, and reduce the possibility of occurrence of fault or degradation;
● Powerful clip design, durable and reliable, easy to install;

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DSP124L Ceiling Speaker is a 6.5″ round speaker with carbon alloy aluminum mesh. It's an ideal choice for you when you are in need of a ceiling speaker requiring perfect sound quality. This product is widely used in schools, offices, cafes, hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls. 



Unit Driver




MAX. Power



Rated Input


Sensitivity (1m,1W)


MAX. SPL. (1m)


Freq. Resp.


Mounting Hole






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