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DSP703 10W-20W Coaxial Ceiling Speaker


● Built-in 100v/70v transformer
● In-ceiling type loudspeaker
● 6.5” paper cone driver unit
● Rated power output at 20W
● High sensitivity(90±2dB)
● ABS Ivory White engineering plastic
● Fast installation by spring clip
● Coaxial speaker

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The DSP703 is a coaxial ceiling speaker with a 70v/100v transformer built in. The 70v/100v transmission is realized in a high-voltage, low-current mode, which makes longer distance transmission and parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers possible.

The built-in 6.5'' speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 60-18,000Hz, the multiple terminals 10W & 20W can be applied to different occasions vary in area sizes and background noises; The coaxial speaker is made of high quality engineering plastic, which ensures long-term durability, and will never be out of shape or fading; Spring clip clamp makes the easy and secure installation; Driver surround excellent damping, long life, clear and sonorous sound.

This coaxial loudspeaker is an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in hotel, school, office and factory where background music and paging is needed.




6.5” X 1, 1”X 1

Rated Power


Max Power


Line Input



90± 2dB

Max SPL(1M)

101± 2dB

Freq. Response


Cutout Size

Ø194 - Ø200mm

Dimensions (H x W x L)

95 x Ø228mm



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