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Design and Application of Surface Mount Ceiling Speakers

1. Design of surface mount ceiling speakers

Surface mount ceiling speakers are no strange to everyone, because they can be found almost everywhere in shopping malls, buildings, meeting places, etc. We can only hear their sound, but can not see their shape. Surface mount ceiling speaker is perfectly matched with the decoration, and is often used in places for discussion and conference, background music, public broadcasting and other occasions needing sound reinforcement.

The ceiling design has the greatest contribution to the uniformity of the sound field. However, surface mount ceiling speaker in individual projects does not really give full play to its advantages as it still uses the sound reinforcement methods to connect and controll the background music, which not only does not give full play to the advantages of surface mount ceiling speakers, but gives people a feeling of "cheap project". Therefore, under what circumstances should surface mount ceiling speakers be used? How to design them reasonably?

2. Application of surface mount ceiling speakers

At present, commonly used conference venues can be classified into two categories: one is the podium report conference room, and the other is the round table or long table discussion room.


1. Podium report conference room

The conference room is relatively large and can accommodate a large number of people. The sound reinforcement area refers to the rostrum area and the audience area where the main sound reinforcement speakers with enough sound pressure will be used. If the main sound reinforcement pressure can not meet the needs of the venue, the delay speakers will be used on the back walls of both sides of the area, so as to maintain the consistency of the sound and the image to a great extent.

2. Round table or long table discussion room

Generally speaking, the audio-visual location requirements is not high in the meeting and discussion places or places with background music where speakers and their positions are random, so it is possible for people to speak everywhere in these places. In this case, the surface mount ceiling speakers is used as a way of "multi-point sound reinforcement". The advantage of this way is that sound pressure levels of almost the same size and good sound field uniformity can be obtained anywhere in the field.

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