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DSP1500S Professional Low Frequency Speaker


● With built-in digital power amplifier to improve energy utilization and reduce losses;
● Can achieve adjustable input gain, the adjustment range of 110mV to 1100mV;
● Can be adapted to a variety of audio equipment;
● Built-in cut-off frequency adjustable electronic filter, with 100Hz~240Hz cut-off frequency to achieve the best bass compensation;
● Built-in low-frequency signal positive and negative phrase adjustable.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSP1500S is a professional low frequency speaker with adjustable input gain and cut-off frequency and positive and negative phase. It can effectively compensate the low-frequency components of the sound, adapting to the audio phase of the matched sound column or speaker, which can achieve the best sound effect.




Line Input Volume

110-1100 mV

Speaker Power (at Peak)


Amplifier Output Noise (Each Channel)

3 mV

Amplifier Distortion


Cut-off Frequency Adjustment Range

100-240 Hz

Work Voltage

AC100-240V /50-60Hz

Package Size (L×W×H)

585×465×370 mm

Speaker Size (L×W×H)

505×350×290 mm

Gross Weight

22 kg

Net Weight

18.5 kg

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