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DSP3008H 2-Way Weatherproof Commecial Loudspeaker


● Water resistance: high-strength ABS material appearance, aluminum mesh.
● High-quality sound, beautiful music, coaxial-driver design, 2-way speaker.
● Long transmission distance, small size, loud and clear speaker, Peak power: 250W, sound beam angle: <110°.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The DSP3008H is a compact coaxial drive, 2-way, highly weather-resistant, full-range PA speaker system ideal for voice and music filling in a variety of applications, including sports facilities, racetracks, stadiums, playgrounds, rodeos, ice rinks, themed entertainment venues, cruise ships, water parks, outdoor background music/paging systems, swimming pools, and a variety of other outdoor or indoor venue types.



Rated Power (100V)


Rated Power (70V)


Peak Power



70V / 100V / 8Ω

Sensitivity (1W/1M)


Frequency Response


Coverage Angle


Driver Unit

8”×1 , 1.5”×1

Product Size (H×W×D)




Product Weight

9.1 kg

Production Level

IP55 (Reference)

Package Size


Housing Materials

Plastic Shell + Aluminum Mesh Cover + Iron Bracket

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