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What is the Design Core of the Conference Room Sound System?

With the increase in international communication, teleconference, video teleconference and digital conference system (DCN) have developed rapidly in recent years. Conference systems are widely used in conference centers, hotels, groups and government agencies. The conference system includes conference discussion system, voting system, simultaneous interpretation system and video teleconference system. The conference system requires the synchronization of audio and video (image) systems. The conference system adopts computer control and storage of conference materials.

The  conference room sound system is mainly for speech sound reinforcement. Appropriate sound pressure level, high sound transmission gain, speech intelligibility, and small sound pressure level unevenness are the main technical requirements, especially high sound transmission gain.

The design core of the conference room sound system is generally the sound field. Then its design is advanced to power amplifiers, sound processing systems, mixing consoles, microphones and other sound sources. This gradual backward design step is very inevitable.

Because the sound field design is the basis for satisfying system functions and sound effects, it involves the selection of speaker systems, sound supply schemes and signal paths. Only by determining the speaker system, can the power amplifier drive power be calculated and the drive signal path can be determined. Then according to the distribution plan of the drive power, the signal processing plan and the selection of the mixer are further determined.

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