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DSP5053 30W Pendant Speaker


● Suitable for public broadcasting and play background music.
● Clear bright sound, bring quality sound enjoyment.
● Using high-quality PP material for drum paper of speaker unit, rubber edge moisture-proof treatment, silk dome tweeter, good sound quality, great sound performance.
● Simple appearance shape, mesh cover with fine round hole diffusion design, beautiful and durable, so that the speaker can be perfectly integrated into any indoor occasion.
● Sturdy and durable, with housing made of high-strength ABS materials.
● Available in pendant mounting method, easy to install.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSP5053 is a 30W pendant loudspeaker with high-quality voice, music reproduction functions, and long transmission sound distance, which will bring clear bright sound and outstanding coverage to rooms and venues with open architecture or high-ceiling spaces, while providing superior voice and musical clarity for rooms with difficult acoustic. The simple appearance, coupled with its stylish design, is suitable to work in conference rooms, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other indoor occasions.



Driver Unit

5.25”×1 + 1” ×1 Coaxial Unit

Rated Power (RMS)


Work Voltage

70V / 100V

Sensitivity (1m,1W)


Max.SPL (1m)


Freq. Resp. Range


Product Size (H×W×D)


Product Weight


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