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DSP6604/DSP6606/DSP6608 Multimedia Lecturing Wall Mount Speaker


● Rated Power: 2x20W/2x30W/2x40W
● Built-in high efficiency digital amplifier module
● Inputs: AUX, Mic, Bluetooth, priority AUX
● Built-in 2 tones control of Bass & Treble
● DSP6608 with built-in Bluetooth
● Power supply: 100V-240V/50Hz/60Hz

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSP6604 is a multifunctional high fidelity active wall speaker is, equipped with a main box and an auxiliary box and white or black to choose as well as convenient installation. Remote audio data flow through the machine output audio signal, and sound is from the speakers directly. Auxiliary audio output interface can be used to connect to other power amplifier to extend power; another two wired microphone input interface (and the company DSP6616A UHF wireless microphone system collocation) can realize super voice reproduction and the input signal of high - and low gain regulation. The machine also has other rich interface for you to choose.

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