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DSP670BT Outdoor Bluetooth Garden Speaker with Light


● Built-in sensor LED, flashing with the music;
● Made of high-quality resin, with high mechanical strength and beautiful shape, applicable to outdoors;
● Waterproof unit, long service life, high sensitivity, clear and bright sound, applicable to exhibitions, parks and attractions;
● 220~240Vworking voltage, 10W rated power, 2W LED, 30% transmittance;
● Applicable to schools, parks, lawns in squares, etc.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSP670BT is an active garden speaker with light, made of environmentally friendly materials, with light weight, good waterproof property and good sound quality. When playing music, the speaker will adjust the brightness and flash with the sound, which is more obvious at nights. Therefore, you can get best experience at nights. It is suitable for parks, attractions, communities, residential areas and other places.

Rated Power: 10W

Unit Driver:4.5"*1

LED Power: 2W


Outer Dimension:32cm*24cm*9cm

Net Weight:1.1KG      

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