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Several Key Points That Cannot Be Separated from the Purchase of a Wireless Conference System

Wireless conference systems have gradually entered the public's field of vision, ranging from small national summits and ordinary offices, and more and more companies purchase wireless conference systems. The following DSPPA has compiled some introductory guides for you to purchase a wireless conference system:


1. The wireless conference system has high-fidelity sound quality

The wireless conference system should improve the clarity of the conference room to avoid hearing fatigue of the participants. To achieve this, the conference system should produce natural sound at a comfortable sound level. Make sure to compare before making a decision, preferably in parallel. Listening to a poor-quality or unnatural sound system will annoy participants and go against the original intention of the system.


2. The battery of the wireless conference system

Obviously, the absence of wires means that battery power is required. Ensure that the battery of the wireless conference system can continue to supply power during the conference, and it is best to supply power for more than one conference. Therefore, it is best to choose lithium ion, which can be charged before being fully discharged.

3. Wireless technology of wireless conference system

There are two main technologies for wireless conference systems: radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR). According to the way the system is used, choose the most suitable one (or both)

4. The minimum available configuration of the wireless conference system

The wireless conference system has at least an access point or a base station, and a wireless representative unit. But some systems also require another central unit and additional software for control. Make sure you know the complete configuration required. Appropriate complete configuration can avoid unnecessary budget costs.


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