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HD8000 HD Conference MCU


● Support H.264 High Profile advanced coding technology
● Support 1M bandwidth to transmit 1080P HD video.
● Support multi-stream technology, can provide different resolution, different frame rate video stream simultaneously
● according to different needs
● Support H.239 dual-stream technology, and high-definition, high-bit data transmission.
● Support MCU N + 1 backup function. The conference will switch to the backup MCU automatically to continue to hold
● when one of the MCU power or other reasons lead to unusable. Support balanced load capacity, dynamic negotiation
● between the MCU to ensure that the MCU's load is at the same level.
● Support fast forwarding switching mechanism, to realize direct forwarding, the delay between the two terminal will be
● no more than 200 milliseconds when it is in multi-level cascading scenarios.
● Support intelligent anti-packet loss processing technology, ensuring that the meeting is not affected when the
● anti-packet loss up to 33%
● Support cascade, 128 terminals can be accessed at the same time when the bandwidth enough.
● Adopt the advanced rate adaptation algorithm to achieve large-scale hybrid networking. Different rates of hardware
● terminals, software terminals and mobile terminals can participate in the same meeting.
● MCU monitors the connection status of the terminal video source automatically. When there is no user access, the
● MCU will disconnect from the video source. It will save the overall bandwidth, improve the network usage and
● improve the system performance.
● Support firewall penetration function to meet customer communication needs between different networks.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

HD8000, a professional multi-point control unit equipment, is designed for video conferencing.
It fully supports 1080P HD video and 48KHz broadband voice; support multi-level cascade, with large-scale networking capabilities; support mixing algorithm, mute detection, noise suppression, echo cancellation, voice-lip synchronization technology. HD8000 is especially applied in the video conferencing systems of team working venues, including government agencies, enterprises, educational institutions, team organizations and so on.

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