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LA1511B/LA1511BD Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker


● Deep and powerful sound, suitable for all types of professional performances and the plazas;
● High quality alloy-aluminum surface net, does not rust and it’s durable;
● Classical outlook design, high quality alloy-aluminum case, durable

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LA1511B/LA1511BD All Weather Subwoofer Speaker
LA1511B/LA1511BD All Weather Subwoofer Speaker
LA1511B/LA1511BD All Weather Subwoofer Speaker

Frequency Response  

40 Hz-250 Hz


91±2 dB





Rated Power


Size (L×D×H)

490 mm×350 mm×287 mm

Net Weight

28.2 kg

LA1511B/LA1511BD Waterproof Line Array Loudspeaker

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