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Long Distance Pickup Processor EL8


● High-speed floating point arithmetic, 24BIT 48KHz DSP Digital processing
● Automatic frequency shift detection technique
● High-speed, high-precision 2Hz frequency shift technique
● Four-channel input, optional level gain to preset pre-amplifying circuit
● Design of anti-mobile high frequency interference circuit
● High sensitivity MIC signal receiving, pickup distance more than 2m
● High-speed feedback suppression, dealing time of feedback less than 150ms
● Super-strong echo cancellation rejection ratio
● Adaptive background noise suppression
● Parameter memory function
● Power-on volume fade-in function
● RS232/RS485 communication interface, control and lock all functions through computer or central control
● High-quality digital control encoder
● LCD screen and LED indicator to display working status and real-time parameters
● High-quality XLR/6.35 input terminal
● Built-in 45V phantom power in MIC input interface
● REC recording output interface
● Stereo output interface
● MIC input direct connection and frequency shift switching function
● Independent volume adjustment function in each input/output channel

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